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Please welcome to Strauss Hecker Ltd’s website. We are a unique company in the sense that we deal in items other companies in the region treat as anathema. We specialize in plant, machinery and their spares/parts that are mostly not fast moving but critical to your company’s operations. Whenever any of your installed machine, plant, equipment becomes hard to service, replace, is obsolete, unique, complex, name it; others will run away from you; that is the time to come to us. We operate in a worldwide intricate sourcing web that incorporates manufacturers and dealers of almost anything that has found its way into East and Central Africa. We have a presence in Nairobi, Kenya, Arua, Uganda and Morogoro, Tanzania. We are expressing interest in being your life-long supply chain partners by supplying your varied requirements either from affiliated manufacturers worldwide or our local network.

The Kenyan concern of Strauss Hecker Ltd was incorporated in the year 2006 to tap into the existing market of goods that are inimical to East Africa’s industry but are ignored by the status quo on account of these goods having an extremely erratic demand cycle. We sometimes stock parts or emergency spares for a critical machine, say a loco, for up to three years. To the rest of the world, it is called bogging down scarce capital but to us, it is called looking out for our client so as to reduce the said machine’s downtime were it to break down.

Legal status of the Firm:
Strauss Hecker Ltd. is a Kenyan import company established, initially, as a subsidiary of a German firm of similar identity and finally in 2006, registered as a wholly Kenyan owned firm importing not only from the former parent company but also from a host of specialized plant, machinery, parts, industrial systems and consumables manufacturers across the world.

Our Services

Our Core Business :
>> We specialize in import and sale of engineering and industry hard to find, non fast moving critical components. We will source and supply the common every-day stuff but are not putting our heart to it, fully, chiefly because every run-of-the mill jack around the corner does this to make a quick buck and move on, not preferring a scenario where one may import a rare moving part and stock it for years on end as a show of support for the user. We are built upon this principal and this sets us apart from the multitude out there.

>> We also specialize in import and sale of maize, corn oil and sunflower oil. We will source and supply the best quality maize, corn oil and sunflower oil. We are built upon this principal and this sets us apart from the multitude out there.

Guarantees and quality assurance:
Our imports are only from companies with a worldwide re-known for their products. Such manufacturers offer irrevocable warranties which are enforceable by us. We prefer importing parts and spares from original manufacturers of the user plant and machinery

Our Products

Railway Division:

  • Locomotive spares
  • Tools
  • Machinery/parts/spares
  • Governors and their parts
  • Track Tools
  • Permanent Way Materials

Agriculture Division:

  • Maize
  • Corn Oil
  • Sunflower Oil

The Team

Being largely an import company, our local manpower outlay is limited to four critical experts covering wide fields of demand, our directors being some of these and some skeleton support staff. Our strength lies in our worldwide logistics web that seems to go through any puzzle with a fine tooth comb; we have so far had nil failure rate as far as what our clients require is concerned Our directors work alongside three other critical experts to complement our worldwide chain and thus effectively deliver on even the most technical of technical requirements. We have a token presence in Morogoro, Tanzania and Arua, Uganda for effective monitoring of our operations there.

Capability Statement

Our company works as a worldwide partner in an intricate manufacturing/sourcing web that spans three continents from which just about anything in use in it’s East African market has originated or is likely to originate. We prefer identifying your needs over time, then building up a stock profile that adequately covers your regular and emergency need of any item in our range thereby curtailing your machines’ or systems’ downtime. In essence, we stock critical non fast moving parts for say a locomotive, some for years, so that when it breaks down, RVR for example would not have to ground it for three months awaiting manufacture and shipping of same. When you repeatedly buy from us, we get to establish and monitor a databank of your needs and timings hence coming up with a set-up like the one above.

Mission & Vision

We are geared to offer solutions to all your demands in a way other companies only see in dreams.

To be the East and Central Africa’s choice supplier of specialized high value plant, equipment, tools and their parts.

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