Agro - Processing

Strauss Hecker Group PLC and partners have spent years working out a program to automate, technologically advance and commercialize the agricultural processing sector.

We have factories ready to install, that is going to produce:-
a) Resins, essences and myrrh
b) Drug components
c) Oils, including essential oils
d) Chemicals
e) Food ingredients
f) Preserved foods
g) Packaged foods
h) Specialty foods
i) Superior processed foods.

Quality ingredients for competitive products

From carbohydrates and proteins to extracts and flavours, the increasingly diverse food ingredient sector spans a wide range of products that are used to maintain or improve the safety, freshness and nutritional value of our foods, as well as their taste, texture and appearance. To be successful, food and beverage manufacturers are dependent on high-quality and innovative ingredients.

SHL has supplied the world’s food ingredients industry for more than 50 years. We focus on developing world-leading equipment and solutions for sophisticated production processes that meet the needs of our customers, help to drive innovation and add important value to their business. From standard equipment to customized solutions, SHL’s technologies are designed to meet optimum hygiene and quality standards, while operating efficiently and sustainably.

Single units and complete solutions Our proprietary technologies and full line integration capabilities mean that we can provide integrated solutions for a wide range of products, and all from a single source. SHL’s expertise and solutions span every stage of food ingredient processing, from ingredient reception and bulk handling to liquid and powder processing, control systems and packaging services.

Whatever the complexity or scale of the process line or plant, SHL’s industry experts, technical specialists and project managers work with each customer at every stage to tailor the right solution, from initial consulting and planning through to installation and commissioning. And, with our world-class service offerings, we can ensure reliable and robust operation of every piece of SHL technology throughout the entire lifecycle of the plant and its equipment.




SHL technologies cover the entire process of flavour powder production, including mixing, emulsification, drying, agglomeration and packing solutions. Whether you already have a specific formulation or not, we can help you to develop emulsification and spray drying solutions to optimize both process capacity and yield, and enhance the quality and stability of the final powdered product. As well as spray drying flavor emulsions, we can also assist with alternative encapsulation processes based on spray congealing (also called spray cooling) or fluidized bed coating.


Coffee/tea whiteners

All SHL food processing technology is designed and engineered to meet strict
hygiene, food safety and quality standards. To produce highly dispersible – “instant” – agglomerated powders, we can supply complete formulation systems that combine emulsification, spray drying and agglomeration.
For products with very high oil content, SHL offers the FILTERMAT® technology, which has been designed to handle challenging products. Mixing is a key unit process that fundamentally affects the consistency and quality of non-dairy creamers. For stable, consistent emulsions, our BATCH FORMULA® Mixer can help to reduce the size of any oil droplets and our integrated process control system ensures product integrity by monitoring vital parameters to guarantee that product specifications are achieved.


Fermentation-derived ingredients (e.g. probiotics, cultures, enzymes, algae)

To recover and process products such as baker’s yeast, yeast extracts, probiotics, algae, enzymes and starter cultures, SHL technology ensures maximum quality, gentle handling and a high degree of end product purity. We can supply complete lines for almost any type of fermentation-based food ingredient. Our scope of supply includes media preparation, sterilization, fermentation, centrifugation, membrane filtration, evaporation, freeze-drying and spray drying. Furthermore, high-quality powders can be produced from yeast extracts and hydrolyzed yeast using SHL’s membrane-based clarification, fractionation or concentration followed by spray drying. SHL’s falling film evaporators are used to concentrate yeast extracts as well as yeast stillage. SHL separators and decanters are used to harvest, wash and concentrate yeast and yeast extracts.



Fibres, from soluble and insoluble fibre-based byproducts of different viscosities to coarse fibres such as hulls and bran – as well as unique high-value fibre products such as inulin and Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) – can be challenging to process. However, SHL offers a choice of spray and solid feed dryers (ring, flash and swirl) in different configurations that can be adapted to dry any specific fibre product. A broad range of feed materials, including powders, cakes, granules, flakes, pastes, gels .and slurries can be processed, and a particular design can be chosen to provide a precise .residence time to dry complex products or a low-temperature recycling system for heat sensitive.