STRAUSS HECKER LLC is Africa’s foremost indigenous rail logistics company. It’s
operations cover every aspect of the rail industry is it permanent way, locomotives or rolling stock.

UPTECH is a company specialising in the development and consulting of railway
technology solutions. It is the technology arm of FTC - Ferrovia Tereza Cristina SA,
which has certification in the standards: ISO 9001, ISO 9001, iso 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

We develop technological solutions using the best practices and tools for the development of systems.

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Our Products

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RTC - Railway Train Control is a system whose main objective is to control the
operational safety process in the movement of trains with exclusive or shared use
(exceptional cases) of the railway section, including all yard limits, kilometres and input
and output switches of the stations, as well as the main and bypass lines on the stations.

Reads, stores and sends locomotive sensor
• Expansion of analogue and digital ports - Plug
and play;
• Allows communication between the
Operational Control Center and the train to
authorize the use of railway;
• Shows speed limits by KM;
• Displays alert messages and service orders
on yards to drivers.


On Board Computer

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Central Unit of Processing

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Locomotive Panel

OBC Main Screen

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Telemetry Screen

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Examples of data read every second

-locomotive notch
-Slip Warning
-Hot Engine Warning
-Low Oil Pressure Warning
-Ground Warning
-PC switch Warning
-Brake warning
-Engine RPM
-Engine Power
-Main Generator Voltage
-Main Air Tank Pressure
-Brake Cylinder
-Air Pressure

-Attitude and longitude
-Locomotive working direction
-Dynamic Brake applied
-Diesel Engine ON/OF control
-Siren utilization
-Flashlights utilization
-Horn pressure and utilization
-Date and time
-Current location
-Traction Motor Ampere
-Instant Fuel consumption

Our Solutions

Automatic Vehicle Location

Vehicle tracking system that works by receiving signals from the satellite constellation - Global Positioning System - GPS.

In addition to the position being shown on a map with satellite images, the system can be integrated with Operational ERP software, which allows the parameterization of different icons and colours for each locomotive according to the situation of the

The benefits.

• Map showing all vehicles;
• Parameterizable icons;
• Available for a mobile platform

-Allows playback of trips by date range;
-Displays telemetry data;
-Individual vehicle tracking - online